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Why is my tooth darker than the rest of my teeth?

Why is my tooth darker than the rest of my teeth?

It can happen that a single tooth can sometimes go dark. This can occur for various reasons and we often have many patients asking us why this occurs. Most teeth will start to lose color or become dark because of trauma. Maybe you hurt the tooth and don’t remember? When a tooth goes dark, this means that the nerve has been damaged. Our bodies have a natural defense mechanism that causes the nerve to lay down an increased amount of internal tooth structure which could make it look a different color than the rest of the teeth. In more severe cases of damage, the nerve can die which could require canal treatment before any whitening occurs.

Single tooth discoloration or darkening may additionally occur if:

  • You took antibiotics before the age of 8
  • Have had previous dental work that caused the damage
  • Tooth damage, both internal and external

If you have a tooth that has darkened, it’s important that you visit a dentist to determine the cause. At this point, both you and your dentist can decide which treatment option is best and when to initiate it.

Feel free to contact our dentist in Huntington Beach, Dr. Moretta, if you have any questions. We know that having a darkened or discolored tooth can be unattractive, but rest assured that we are here for your every dental need and will help you get it resolved.

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