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Do You Have Spaces Between Your Teeth? We Have a Solution!

Do You Have Spaces Between Your Teeth? We Have a Solution

If you are concerned about gaps or spaces between your teeth, fear not. We have a procedure that could be right for you! It’s called dental bonding. What is it? Read more below!

Correct minor imperfections with dental bonding

Dental bonding or otherwise known as just bonding, is a fairly easy and minimally invasive procedure that dentists use to correct minor imperfections like spaces or gaps between teeth, tooth cracks, discoloration, to change the shape of the teeth and more! During the bonding procedure, our dentist in Huntington Beach, Dr. Moretta, will apply tooth-colored resin to the front of your natural teeth using adhesives and a high-intensity curing light, creating a brand-new smile! Bonding can be completed in a single appointment which helps your get right back into your routine. The benefits are endless!

How to take care for teeth after dental bonding

Bonded teeth are cared for the same way you would care for your natural teeth. This same care in necessary in order to keep your smile healthy and bright. Routine check-up with our dentist are also recommended to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy as well as making sure that the bonding is still intact. Patients with bonded teeth are asked to avoid biting his or her fingernails, chewing on pens, ice or other non-food objects because this can damage the bonding as well as your natural teeth.

Ready for dental bonding?

If you would like to know more information about dental bonding or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to give us a call. As your dentist, we are here to address your every concern!

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