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Sealants are dental materials that are applied on the surface of the tooth, especially on the molars and premolars. Once they are joined, they change the tooth’s shape, allowing the cleaning performed with the brush to be much more effective. In addition, this material forms a mechanical barrier that protects the sealed areas from the action of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

A tooth that has been completely sealed will be 100 percent protected. The material used to seal the teeth is a flowing compound, that is, a composite filling material that contains little or no load.

Why use a dental sealant?

The truth is that the chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth contain a complex pattern of pits and fissures. As there are deep grooves on the teeth, dental sealants are also known as “crack sealants." However, not all children or adults need sealants.

If these spaces are simple, shallow, and its possible to keep them clean with the toothbrush, then it is likely that a sealant is not needed. However, if the fissures are deep and narrow, they can provide a sheltered place, being a propitious place for the growth of bacteria.

Other circumstances in which sealants are required are:

  • Baby tooth decay
  • Deep fissures that are difficult to clean
  • High risk of cavities
  • Lack of hygiene
  • People with special needs (medically compromised, with a physical/mental disability, and/or with learning difficulties)

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