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Root Canal Vs Extraction


When you allow your dental hygiene to fall off, your teeth will suffer for it. If you allow the problem to fester and develop, you may be faced with the unpleasant decision between a root canal vs tooth extraction. Both can alleviate tooth pain and restore your bite, but using very different methods and means to do so. Either treatment will require you to find a dentist for you.

Although both of these treatments are there to help you, tooth extraction should always be a last resort. If you feel as though your tooth is subject to either a root canal or extraction, you can use this guide to understand the difference. Even though these treatments are similar and can help you deal with a bad tooth, they are inherently different.

Differences between root canal and extractions

Keeping your tooth - Although root canals will remove the infection in your teeth and eliminate cavities, you will need multiple trips to your dentist. This is because your dentist will need a third party company to provide you with your crowns. The crown of your tooth is an artificially created cap that mounts onto your bad tooth and restores your bite function.

Tooth extractions will not provide you with the ability to keep your tooth normally. Most extractions require the dentist in Huntington Beach to remove your tooth all together. If you've had your tooth extracted, you will need a dental implant or similar treatment to restore your bite.

Pain Management - Both a root canal and tooth extraction can cause you a great deal of discomfort. When it comes to pain management or aftercare for your treatment, you have many different ways to approach it. Most root canal procedures will give you the means to leave your dentist without additional pills.

However when it comes to tooth extraction, there's a variety of different side effects that can complicate matters. That's why the our dentist in Huntington Beach will give you a host of painkillers and antibiotics to help you deal with the pain and fresh tooth opening in your mouth.

Types of Teeth - There are many different ways to approach your bad tooth, many of which depend on which tooth is the problem. If one of your front teeth is having the issue, a root canal is far easier than an extraction. 

However if you've got issues with your molars, the case is reversed. Because your rear teeth are harder to reach and get to, a root canal could prove to be highly difficult.

For best results you should speak to the dentist in Huntington Beach trusted to handle your oral treatments. He or she will tell you which treatment is needed, and what the reasons are behind either. Don't forget that finding the right dentist in Huntington Beach is the first and most important step to resolving your oral hygiene issues.

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