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Preventive Dentistry is the best possible way to protect and maintain your teeth for a lifetime.



Dental prophylaxis is an excellent procedure to help keep the oral cavity in good health, and also to prevent gum disease.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis come in to play when bacteria turn into bacterial plaque and accumulate in the gum tissue, either above or below the gum line between the teeth and gums.

This ‘bacteria colony’ causes severe inflammation and irritation, which will eventually turn into chronic inflammation as a response from the body towards this excessive accumulation of bacteria.

As a result, the body systematically begins to destroy gum tissue and bones, leaving the tooth unprotected, unstable and very likely to fall. The space between the gums and the teeth also starts to grow deeper, harboring more bacteria.

Why do I need prophylaxis?

  • To remove tartar and stains.
  • Prophylaxis relieves teeth from a bad appearance and gives them a natural enhancement. To prevent gum disease.
  • To have nice breath (periodontal disease is always related to bad breath/halitosis)

In conclusion, even though gum disease cannot be completely reversed, prophylaxis is beneficial to prevent its destructive processes.

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