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Refusing X-rays Is Like Asking Us to Perform Treatment Blind Folded

huntington beach dental x-rays

X-rays are a necessary part of good patient care. Since we can only see one-third of a tooth, radiographs provide valuable information that we cannot visualize otherwise. It is our commitment to provide competent care and x-rays are vital for accuracy. Without the necessary films, we compromise our ability to provide patients quality dental care.

The standard of care recommends that check up x-rays are taken every 12-18 months and a complete set of x-rays every 3-5 years. The usual concerns expressed by patients are fear of radiation, cost and discomfort.

Radiation- X-ray machines vary but the amount of actual radiation is a very small amount, especially digital radiographs. Comparatively a patient receives more radiation from exposure to the sun or spending 5 hours on an airplane.

Cost- Preventative dentistry is our priority. If x-rays are continually denied due to cost and decay was to go undetected for a length of time, what could have been the cost of a small filling has now progressed into the need for a root canal and crown, costing you significantly more.

Discomfort- Every mouth is different and there are many factors that contribute to patients having difficulty with x-rays. Our team members are trained to handle each individual's needs and make every attempt to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

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