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We provide a full range of general dental services for all the family!

General Dentistry

Dr. Moretta provides dental procedures such as: crowns, root canals, teeth extractions, gum disease and more at his practice in Huntington Beach, CA



Crowns are designed to protect the visible portion of a tooth above the gum line. They are used to improve the strength, appearance or size of a tooth. They can be used to hold a dental implant or bridge in place. There are many types of crowns available.

Our dentist in Huntington Beach might place a temporary or permanent crown over your tooth depending on the treatment needed. They are also made of different materials such as resin, porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal.

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Endodontics (Root Canal)


Endodontics refers to treating the inside of a tooth. Sometimes the inside of the tooth becomes infected and inflamed and there is the need of a root canal to save the tooth.

Endodontics has advanced so much in a short amount of time. For instance teeth that were lost a few years ago can now be saved. When the treatment is not effective the tooth can be saved with endodontic surgery. A root canal is a type of treatment used to try to save a tooth that is badly infected on the inside. On the inside of the tooth, in a hollow space, lies the pulp chamber. The main function of the pulp is to maintain the tooth healthy. The root canals are where the roots run and they lead up to this pulp chamber. Nerve tissue runs through the center of the root. Many myths and sometimes movies have badly exaggerated the pain and dangers of a root canal. A root canal is not any more painful than when you get a filling done.

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Sometimes when teeth can not be saved through root canal or there is a risk of infection to surrounding teeth and structures they are extracted by our Huntington Beach dentist. Teeth that are extremely cracked might be candidates for an extraction. In some cases the problem that the patient presents makes it virtually impossible to save the tooth and it needs to be extracted. This can be a traumatic experience but your dentist in Huntington Beach will show you all your options and look for the best possible solution for you to choose from.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

TMJ Disorder Treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the main jaw joint. This joint is prone to developing a dysfunction or disorder, causing pain throughout the jaw, face, head, and even neck and shoulders. Although TMJ is the actual jaw joint, the acronym is often used to describe the syndrome or disorder. More appropriately, TMD is used, but the two are often interchanged freely. TMJ/TMD can cause not only pain and discomfort, but also a slow erosion of the teeth...

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Periodontal (Gum) Disease


The most common reason for tooth loss today is periodontal (gum) disease. It is estimated that 80 percent of the adult population has some level of gum disease, ranging from mild gingivitis to advanced periodontal disease.

Gum disease is a silent killer of teeth (and perhaps more), as it is rarely painful and it’s usually hidden from sight. However, there are signs and symptoms that can help you detect it, including...

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Canker Sores Care

Canker Sores Care

Canker sores are painful sores in the mouth. They are usually red, but sometimes appear white. You can get them on the inside of the cheeks and gums or under the tongue. They are different from fever blisters which are usually on the outside of the lips and corners of the mouth. Anybody can get them and they can be caused by poor nutrition, mouth injuries, stress, food allergies and menstrual periods. Our Huntington Beach dentist can advise you on how to alleviate the pain.

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Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Removable dentures are a restorative dental treatment that, as its name suggests, is designed and manufactured so that the patient can put it on and remove it when needed, which greatly facilitates hygiene. They are used for people who have lost one or more teeth, but not all.

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