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With Cosmetic Dentistry you can achive a healthy and attractive smile.



Dentures are custom-made replacements that can be taken out and put back into your mouth to compensate for missing teeth.

Benefits of dentures

  • They will improve your chewing function. This means that you will be able to eat as you used to because they will improve your muscle tone, reduce problems at the level of the joint and will improve your gastric health.
  • Phonetic and aesthetic functions will also be greatly improved since having teeth will allow the pronunciation of words to be much clearer and better understood.
  • Dentures recover the vertical dimension (height from the tip of the nose to the chin) which had been lost due to missing teeth. This manifests itself in the form of wrinkles in the perilabial area and depressions on the lips, giving the impression of premature aging. With dentures, not only do we recover this vertical dimension, but we also recover the tone of the mouth muscles, which makes us look much younger.
  • Denture functionality already means a good quality of life. This means that you will enjoy good health in all aspects of life.
  • Dentures will also allow for preserving your chewing system structures by avoiding deterioration.
  • They improve self-esteem.
  • The price is relatively comfortable compared to other fixed prostheses and/or dental implants.

Nowadays, dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever, so if you are currently interested in getting more information about them, please contact our dentist located in Huntington Beach by calling 714-848-4247.


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