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Dentist in HB Explains Why Teeth Become Stained

Dentist in HB explains why teeth become stained

One of the many things that make people feel uncomfortable with their smile is stains on their teeth. They can be caused by different reasons, and in different colors, so we must be aware that they can be treated both at home or by a dentist in HB. This way, you will make them disappear to show your smile proudly without any hesitation.

Dental Heritage

One of the reasons teeth become stained is dental heritage. The genes influence the color of the teeth and how they will evolve over the years, as well as the transparency of the teeth and their thickness, which are directly responsible for the color.

Eating Habits

Some eating habits, such as regular consumption of red wine, coffee, tea, cola or other drinks with intense colors, affect the tone of the teeth. These substances act on two levels:

  1. The natural color of the enamel is white. High consumption of tea and coffee in large quantities will leave a layer that will eventually penetrate the enamel of the teeth.
  2. Acidic foods, such as citrus or vinegar help erode the enamel.

Result: the enamel layer becomes thinner and more transparent, so you can see the dentin, which is yellow. As a result, your teeth will have a yellowish appearance.

Useful Tips from Your HB Dentist

Regarding dental heritage, thick, opaque teeth respond better to dentists' whitening treatments. Transparency is the only element that can not be corrected with a bleaching treatment. So, simply ask your HB dentist what could be the cause of teeth discoloration in your specific case!

As far as eating habits are concerned, since the yellowish color of the teeth is partly due to poor eating choices, the first necessary action is to limit the intake of the staining foods. You do not need to ban tea, coffee or acidic foods, it’s just a matter of moderating them.

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