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10 Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing to Your Teeth

10 Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing to Your Teeth

Life, nerves and stress can often cause people to do unimaginable things to their teeth without even knowing it. These habits include things as simple and painless as nail biting, sucking on lemons or even chewing on pens. The effects of having bad habits can take a toll on your teeth over time, so it’s a good idea to stop them while you can.

  1. Thumb sucking: Although this mostly applies to children, it’s important to curb this habit early if you have children who have taken it up. Permanent teeth start coming in at around 5 or 6 and these teeth could shift if the thumb sucking continues past this time.
  2. No lemons! Lemons are very acidic and can cause severe damage to teeth if it is ongoing as it can eat away at you enamel.
  3. Avoid brushing too hard. This can eat away at your tooth enamel as well. We only have one set of teeth per lifetime, take care of them!
  4. Say no to jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This can affect patients of all ages, including children. The act of clenching or grinding can cause irreversible damage and costly repairs.
  5. No ice chewing. It’s fun and is much better than eating food if you’re watching what you eat, right? Wrong! Our teeth are only designed to crush food, not frozen ice.
  6. Your teeth are not a tool. They are not to be used as can openers, bottle poppers, cap unscrewers or anything else along those lines. Use them only for food!
  7. Avoid holding pens or pencils with your teeth. Place them on your desk, behind your ear or anywhere else but your mouth.
  8. Stop nail biting. This is easier said than done, but make an effort. This will benefit both your teeth and your hands.
  9. Say no to soda. Not only is soda bad for your body, it’s bad for your teeth! It also stains them, too. Keep those pearly whites bright by drinking water!
  10. Be toothpick careful. You don’t want to harm your gums or teeth by poking around too harshly. If possible, floss instead.

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